Replacement Ozone Filter Plates

Ceramic ozone replacement plates for Alpine, Living Air, EcoQuest
2 for $24.95 with Free Shipping within the United States!
Heavy duty ceramic plates are less prone to breakage than glass plates.
Similar plates are sold for $39.95 each

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We do not repair or sell any parts for the models listed below except for the replacement ceramic ozone filter plates.
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Heavy Duty Replacement Ozone Plate

Heavy Duty Ceramic Replacement Ozone Plate Filter
Can Be Used In All Of The Following Models

The ozone generator brands listed below produce ozone by corona discharge, which is a high electrical charge on or through the plate. Over time the plates deteriorate and need replacing. Using an ozone generator 24/7 the plates should be replaced every couple of years. When the ozone level is not noticeable like it used to be after cleaning the plates they should be replaced.

Heavy Duty Replacement Ozone Plates

  • Living Air: Classic, XL-15, 15S, Plus, Bora, Breeze, Eagle, Flair, Fresh Air, Salon Air, Ozone Blaster

  • Alpine Ecoquest

  • Alpine 150; Alpine C-15

  • Better Living

  • Lightning Air

  • Peak O3

  • Peak O3 HEPA UV

  • RainFresh Air
  • RainFresh Air 3500
  • Rainbow Air
  • Atlas 300RHO2, 300HO2, 300A, 302-AC, 303
  • Healthy Living
  • Natural Air
  • Natures Air Purifier
  • Living Fresh
  • SpringAir, Spring Air Classic

And any other plate using purifier that has 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" ceramic plates with wire mesh on both sides.

These are brand new replacement plates are made from a durable ceramic type material. To avoid possible damage to your machine, do not combine the standard plates with the heavy duty plates, or use the older glass plates with the new ceramic plates.

* The mention of or reference to any company or product in this site is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.

2 Heavy Duty Replacement Ceramic Ozone Filter Plates $24.95

 NOTE:   We do not repair or sell any parts for the models listed above
except for the replacement ceramic ozone filter plates.


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