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UV-Air-Purifiers.info is an E-commerce web site is a division oPeacock Enterprises Inc located in Lago Vista, Texas representing and distributing genuine Dust Free Bio-Fighter UV systems and replacement UV lamps. Our mission at UV-Air-Purifiers.info is to provide the finest products for eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and VOCs available for home, office, business, or commercial air purification. UV-Air-Purifiers.info is located in Lago Vista, Texas and has experience selling Dust Free Bio-Fighter for over a dozen years.

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Bio-Fighter Replacement Bulbs

Bio-Fighter UV Light Systems Models Specifications Chart

Bio-Fighter Nomad & Triad UV Light System Sizing Chart

Dust Fighter Electrostatic Air Filters     Replacement Ceramic Ozone Filter Plates

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Dust Free Bio-Fighter Replacement Bulbs    Bio-Fighter UV Systems

Bio-Fighter Triad HO
Safety, power, and quick installation make the Bio-Fighter Triad HO, (High Output), the industry benchmark for insert-type UV-C fixtures. High output UVC microwatt light eradication. [Learn more.]

Bio-Fighter Triad

Bio-Fighter LightStick
The LightStick marks a new breed in germicidal UV systems. Operating on low voltage power, the LightStick can draw its power directly from the air handler itself. The LightStick is an entry level ultraviolet light system. [Learn more.]

Bio-Fighter Lightstick UV

Bio-Fighter Ultra-Flex
The Ultra-Flex combines compact size and remote-lamp capability to provide you with a first-class UV system for even the tightest spaces. [Learn more.]

Bio-Fighter FlexMount UV

Bio-Fighter VersaLight
The VersaLight provides the installing contractor with a patent pending, remote mounted lamp capability that allows placement of one, or two, of the lamps anywhere within 6 feet of the VersaLight's chassis. [Learn More.]

Bio-Fighter VersaLight

Bio-Fighter Nomad & Nomad 2
Surface mounted UV-C applications demand installation flexibility and the Bio-Fighter Nomad delivers one of the most flexible chassis designs available. [Learn more.]

Bio-Fighter 4Xtreme
Whether it is Mother Nature or a splash of coil cleaner, the Bio-Fighter 4Xtreme rooftop UV-C fixture, equipped with a UL listed NEMA 4X interlocked enclosure, can handle the harshest of HVAC environments. [Learn More.]

Bio-Fighter 4Xtreme

Bio-Fighter XL
The Bio-Fighter XL is uniquely qualified for extra large applications with lamp lengths up to five feet and a class-leading reflector surface area to cost effectively apply a high dose of UV-C energy. [Learn More.]

Bio-Fighter XL

Dust Free Bio-Fighter Replacement Germicidal UV lamps

Dust Free UV   Bio-Fighter Anti-microbial UV Light Systems
Authorized Dealer

 FREE Shipping on UV lamps within the United States !

Dust Free Bio-Fighter Replacement UV Bulbs    Bio-Fighter UV Systems

Bio-Fighter Nomad & Triad UV Light System Sizing Chart  

Dust Fighter Electrostatic Air Filter     Replacement Ceramic Ozone Filter Plates

Why Chlorine Bleach is Not Effective in Killing Mold   Effects of Negative Ions

Indoor Air Quality- What You Should Know    About Mold / Mold Facts   Particles and their size in microns

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Dust Free Dust Fighter washable electrostatic air filters

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