Craftive Web Studios Sucks

This is a Personal Opinion and Review of Craftive Web Studios, Craftive Logos.

They Totally SUCK and Should Never Be Paid for Any Work They Promise to Do!

It Will Not Get Done Correctly and Be Nothing But Problems and Hassles!

Not A Professional Web Building Company! 

They will call you and try and talk over your head to convince you that you need specific things
that they can do but at a price and then
It will Never Get Done Correctly!

Every Day I Regret Hiring Those Ignorant Stupid Worthless
Idiot Dumb Lying Incompetent Losers!!

Craftive Web Studios Review

Why You Should Not Hire Craftive Web Studios

Back in May 2019 I hired Craftive Web Studios to build me an Ecommerce Sales web site.
I was charged $2988 with 6 different charges to my business debit card and another $450 on 6/05 and another $475 on 7/17. I have an out of state limit on my debit card so instead of contacting me to remove the limits they did multiple charges. This shows their bad communication practices and lack of being a professional company.

 They do not understand basic ecommerce web page design!

The individual products pages were done inconsistently with different size font on a page or on different pages. They would put an Add to Cart button on the top of one page and then at the bottom of another.

I was continually having communication problems and not getting the work done. I would get an email about things done and I would check and they were not done.

I would email them and post on the project page over and over and over with little results. In an email from early June 2019 I was telling them for the 6th time to do something.

Waiting three weeks or longer for basic revisions is Total BS ! 

According to their web site they can do a web build in 2 to 3 weeks. Not 3 Months!!

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"The overall rating of the company is 1.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied."

Craftive Web Studios Review

Craftive Web Studios Sucks are Losers

On August 30, 2019 I paid $1200 for 3 Years Website Maintenance
 with the invoice showing:

3 Years Website Maintenance
1) Hosting Maintenance
2) Website Maintenance
3) Website Changes
Dedicated Hosting
3 years of Dedicated Hosting Unlimited Websites

Craftive Web Studios Sucks

Craftive Web Studios Review

Recently I kept emailing my project manager Josh and calling him to get only a busy signal. I decided to call a number I have for James Rogers, the head Bull Shitter, and talked with a Ray Michaels who said Josh was no longer with the company and he would be my new project manager and that he would "take good care of me". I sent him some price changes along with edits that were never done. He said he needed proof I still had a maintenance package with them and I sent him a copy of invoice, the above information, and he said he would get it done.

In checking on the status on April 7th he emailed back "The work is in process my friend will update you soon." In emailing him again on the 12th and he replied "that might be done I believe."

A couple of hours later I received an email from James Rogers "Your maintenance plan has been over, as per the policy, kindly let us know how would you like to pay to renew it so that we can move further." What Policy... I NEVER Received Anything About Details of the Maintenance Plan.

James called me about it and I was pissed and cussed him out. He said it wasn't very professional and I told him his company and work wasn't very professional. I asked him to send me in writing about my maintenance plan being over.
He emailed back:
"As per the Fair Usage policy in one year Maintenance package you will be provided with only 12 Changes based on 1 change a month.
however in 3 years package you are provided with only 50 changes. you can use these 50 changes in a month or you can use these in 3 years that's totally upto you.

however if you want to go for maintenance 1 years it without any fair usage policy it will cost you $899 per/year, If you go for 3 years, It will cost you $1499 for 3 Years."
Total Bull Shit!... What does this have to do with my receipt showing: "3 Years Website Maintenance, 3) Website Changes"... Absolutely Nothing!!
I do not have time to go back through the almost 900 emails I have with the majority requesting them to do something over and over to count the actual requested changes!

I have emailed multiple time for a list of the 50 changes with no replies... BECAUSE they did not do 50 changes!

In another email on April 12th from Lying Ass Butt Munch James Rogers:
If you want to take everything over in your hands,  which includes  the website, the cpanel for the hosting, The website backend credentials and everything associated to the website will cost you $2499 normal price, Doing it today i will lower down the price to $1999, as discussed over the phone."
WTF?!! Total BS !!

Craftive Web Studios Review

Their web site advertises:

  • FREE Domain & Hosting Features:

  • 100% Ownership Rights

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 100% Unique Design Guarantee

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Total Bull Shit Lies!

Craftive Web Studios Loser

Craftive Web Studios Review

Keep reading on how you should never hire these lying worthless incompetent losers!

In another email on April 12th from Lying Ass James Rogers:
If you want to take everything over in your hands,  which includes  the website, the cpanel for the hosting, The website backend credentials and everything associated to the website will cost you $2499 normal price, Doing it today i will lower down the price to $1999, as discussed over the phone."
What About "100% Ownership Rights" - WTF?!! Total BS !!

Per a receipt dated 7/14/ 2020 I paid $900 for SEO and SMM 1 Year for Electrostatic Air Filters. I know I should have have known better... But James Rogers, the head Bull Shitter, keeps talking crap in circles until you are convinced you are getting a good deal. This SEO AND SMM for Electrostatic Air Filters was discussed on the phone with James saying: "This is a deal of a lifetime!"

I kept emailing James and others for updates on the SEO. After a couple of months of not receiving anything from James or the SEO team I disputed the charge with my bank. Once James found out I was disputing the charge he called me and threatened to shut down my other site... Very Professional. Unfortunately the invoice did not say what website the work was to be done on. James didn't even remember that he committed to do the SEO AND SMM. He had his company submitted a 47 page report to my bank on how I should not get a charge back. This report was a bunch of BS about work done but not done to the website I hired them to work on. A credit was issued back to my account in reference to this dispute.

On  Jun 08, 2019 I got an email from James Rogers, the head Lying A Hole Bull Shitter:
Developers are off for the weekends, but I assure you that all the changes would be completed on Monday and we will make the website live this coming week.
I wouldn't let you to be unhappy. I have other things for you to make you happy."

It was not live the next week... Another Lie!
I have always been unhappy and they have never had other things to make me happy.

July 11, 2019 I was told I would need to set up Stripe, a payment processing company. On 07/16/19 I was charged $475 for the Stripe extension for WordPress. Upon researching it only cost $89. I did not like Stripe so had the web developer change to PayPal which I was already using on another site. They claimed the Stripe extension was not refundable so I was out $475.

The site Finally went Live late in July 2019 with the "Add to Cart" buttons and shopping cart not working and a lot of page edits still needing to be done.

I have had 6 different Project Mangers. I think most of them quit because they do not like working for such an unprofessional bunch of lying losers.


On 7/24/2019 I paid $900 for 6 Months of SEO and Social Media Brand Building. Months went by with nothing being done and I was emailing them over and over about it.

Over a year after being told they would do social media sites nothing was done! I had also emailed them over and over about it.


In an email from James Rogers on 7/25/2019:

"As discussed yesterday with you regarding the website, i have informed you that we will go ahead and make SEO implementations on the website, we have added meta headers, meta tags and meta description, along with that we have also did some major setting of the website before it goes live and we ask the google crawler to crawl the website for the first time. 

 I would like to speak to you over the phone, your website is on uploading process right now, and it will be live in one hours. since yesterday we have done making the changes."

In an email from Lying James Rogers on 8/16/ 2019:
"I am planning to go ahead and get the website done first perfectly, Once its done, i will go ahead and get the indexing done again and then get the SEO work properly started."

I received my 1st SEO Report for December in December 2019.

Because it took several months to even start the SEO James verbally told me it would be for 1 year. After receiving 6 months of SEO starting in December from my 7/24/2019 invoice for $900 I was told my SEO work was done. I had to go round and round with lying James to get the other 6 months.

Most information on the SEO report would only take a few minutes to generate with free basic software. In the reports I received off site information for business listings where a lot of pages did not load or the links were broken or did not even have links to my site.

Nowhere in the code of the site has there ever been any meta headers, meta tags and meta description, keywords, or instructions to search engines for "robots" to crawl the site?

The site doesn't even have the free SEO plugin!

In checking SEO Page Optimization in WordPress for the home page it shows:
Search engine description: Nothing; 43%

error_outline Page title word in content heading
error_outline Page title word in content
Page url matches with page title
Meta title filled
Meta description filled

This information is easy to do and these dumb ass loser can't even do that even after I paid for SEO.


They do not understand basic Search Engine Optimization!

I could go on and on with more examples of how incompetent and worthless
Craftive Web Studios is but I think you get it.

Every Day I Regret Hiring Those Ignorant Stupid Worthless Idiot Dumb Lying Incompetent Losers!!

It Was My Mistake Ever Hiring Them to Begin With... Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did!

Craftive Web Studios Review

Craftive Web Studios

Employee Photo

James Rogers is a Lying Unprofessional A Hole!

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