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Bio-Fighter Replacement Bulbs

Bio-Fighter Replacement Bulbs
Dust Free UV Replacement Bulbs / Bio-Fighter Replacement UV Lamps

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UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Bio-Fighter Replacement Bulbs / Replacement Dust Free Bio-Fighter lamps

Genuine OEM replacement UV bulbs lamps - Not aftermarket UV bulb lamps

We offer replacement OEM Dust Free Bio-Fighter Bulbs / UV Lamps for the popular LightStick, Bio-Fighter Triad HO, Nomad, Lennox Plus, and all other Bio-Fighter UV Light Systems. There are many models, lengths, and UV bulb options so please call 1-855-488-8806 or Contact Us with your model and or lamp number and specifications.
The life of the Bio-Fighter UV bulb is 9000 hours/ 375 days. Even if it still burns after 9000 hours it looses it's UV eradication power and should be replaced. Optional Ozone is available on the  LightStick, Triad,and the VersaLight models for an additional $10.

 Note: We Sell Genuine Dust Free Bio-Fighter OEM UV Lamps...
Beware of cheaper inferior lamps advertised as Bio-Fighter!

UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Bio-Fighter Lightstick

Bio-Fighter G24 UV Lamp

Bio-Fighter LightStick Replacement Bulb
Bio-Fighter LightStick
UV Lamp / Bulb

14" # 09627; LS24V14;
Lennox Part #
Dust Free Part # 06602 /
14" BF Plus

Price $83.00

16" # 09615; LS24V16
Price $83.00

Bio-Fighter Triad UV lamp

Bio-Fighter Triad UV Lamp

Bio-Fighter Triad Replacement Bulb
Bio-Fighter Triad HO
UV Lamp / Bulb

16" # 06032; 1S16 / 2S16
Price $79.00

20" # 06033; 1S20 / 2S20

Bio-Fighter 24 Volt
Bio-Fighter G24 UV Lamp

Bio-Fighter G24 Replacement Bulb
Bio-Fighter G24 14" UV Lamp / Bulb

09729 # "14
Price $78.00


UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold
* For Other Bio-Fighter UV Lamps Call or Contact Us *

 FREE Shipping within the 48 United States !

UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Cross Reference Raw Material Part Numbers to Bio-Fighter Part Numbers

Raw material numbers 212866-00 or 213800-00 # 09627 / 14" LightStick UV lamp

Raw material numbers 212867-00 or 213801-00 # 09615 / 16" LightStick UV lamp

Raw material numbers 213802-00 or 213554-00 # 09729 / G24 UV lamp

Raw material numbers 210907-00 or 04386 # 06032 / 16" Triad or VersaLight UV lamp

Raw material numbers 212908-00 or 04387 # 06033 / 20" Triad or VersaLight UV lamp

Raw material numbers 212605-00 or 212617-00 # 06157 / 14" VersaLight UV lamp

Raw material number 210794-00 # 06035 / 9" Nomad UV Lamp

Raw material number 210795-00  # 06036 / 16" Nomad UV Lamp

Raw material number 212820-00# 06413 / 14" Ultra Flex UV Lamp

Raw material number 212821-00 # 06417 / 16" Ultra Flex UV lamp

With so many Bio-Fighter models and lamp lengths please call, 1-855-488-8806
 or Contact Us so we can make sure you get the proper lamp.

Replacement Ballasts Available / Call 1-855-488-8806 or Contact Us

Optional Ozone producing lamps are available on the LightStick, Triad, and the VersaLight models for an additional $10.

UV kills bacteria, viruses, & mold

Professional Installation Recommended:
Although the Bio-Fighter is simple to install it is recommended to be installed by a professional contractor.
Peak Pure Air nor Bio-Fighter are responsible for problems with
self installed systems.
New electrical service may be required at the installation location and this should be performed by a professional.

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While some of our products are designed to remove smoke and odors, we do not claim
they remove all of the harmful effects caused by smoking or second hand smoke.
Product claims and descriptions have been evaluated and approved by the appropriate product manufacturer.

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